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The 18th world translates congress press conference to be held in Beijing
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On Feburary 27, 2008 morning, the 18th world translates press conference of congress head field to be held in office of news of the State Council, introduced congress to prepare working progress to journalism, announce with Beijing yuan earth up a century to translate limited company to establish cooperative relationship. China translates Xi Liang of association chairman Liu, standing vice-chairman Guo Xiaoyong, Shi Yanhua, beijing yuan earth up a century to translate Jiang Xiaolin of limited company president to wait attended a news briefing. News briefing by Chinese interpret assist Jiang Yonggang of standing deputy secretary-general is chaired. China translates association vice-chairman to held secretary-general Huang Youyi concurrently to introduce congress to concern setting and the newest progress of preparatory job above all. He expresses, the 18th world translates congress to be held in our country, it is an important matter of Chinese interpreter bound not only, also be to show our country figure, strengthen main turning point of soft actual strength of our country culture. Chinese interpreter association will unite extensively and arouse broad interpreter worker, make full use of the world translates congress arena of this one international, publicize achievement of reforming and opening of China of Chinese culture, conduct propaganda, to enlarge the international force of our country, reinforce our country culture play of construction of soft actual strength is due action.

Chinese interpreter association is standing the development state of affairs that vice-chairman Guo Xiao Yong introduced China to translate service industry, right Beijing yuan earth up a century to translate limited company to become plenary meeting " exclusive advocate sponsor " , with China interpreter association formed permanent partner concern to express congratulation. He hopes yuan earth up an interpreter can world of have the aid of translates congress this one main turning point, translate association with China together, the interpreter that is farther normative our country serves the market, the development prosperity that promotes China to translate a career produces bigger effect.

Yuan earth up a century to translate Jiang Xiaolin of limited company president to express on the press conference, participate in the grand meeting that translates a bound, it is yuan of honor that earths up an interpreter and social responsibility, yuan earth up an interpreter to will translate congress through participating in the world, farther practice aspire is the interpreter career, concept that serves for culture career.

This second the press conference causes media to pay close attention to extensively. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV nearly 40 with local media style reporter attended a news briefing in the center of the home, chinese net undertook living broadcast of the video on whole journey net to the news briefing, hong Kong phoenix is defended inspect, report of big bulletin, article also had a story to the news briefing. Of news briefing hold, indicating work of propaganda of congress of interpreter of the 18th world is formal start.
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