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Chinese net becomes the 18th world to translate congress news website
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Vice-chairman of Chinese interpreter association holds deputy director general of bureau of foreign language of secretary-general, China concurrently the plenary meeting of interpreter of the 18th world that Huang Youyi holds today announces on first press conference, the Chinese net of much language (China.org.cn/china.com.cn) become congress news website, will be during congress undertake direct seeding to fundamental situation.

Chinese net is website of national emphasis news, it is to use article of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, heart, Japanese, Spain article, Arabic, Russian, Han Wen and Esperanto 11 article edition releases 10 languages external of information " super network platform " , its reader distributings be in 200 many nations of world and area, the reader that has 190 many countries and area at present is daily online visit, it is the important window of China of abroad netizen understanding.