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The type of interpret and law are obeyed in simultaneous interpretation
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Taiwan of 10 thousand 200083; of institute of English of university of foreign language of Shanghai of Hong Yu Yang Chengshu complementary benevolence university interpreter learns an institute

Summary: The article aims to discuss simultaneous interpretation (include to inspect interpret) in the type that arranges a drive and its potential rule. The experimental result of Goldman-Eisler(1972) shows, the order of the natural halt according to primitive or bit of information yields the interpret sign that has 11 % . The article is used advocate in narrating a theory and information structure theory to analyse, flower, day corpora, discover advocate foregone information (old news) and sentence the add composition of first (new information) , it is easier generation arranges the condition to drive. In addition, the article is Baconian a few can have arranging interpret word group that give indicate (Phrase Markers) can be used examine the processing technique of the attribute feature in arranging a drive to be combined in other language and its regularity.

Keyword: Simultaneous interpretation; Arrange a drive; Advocate narrate a theory; Information structure; Foregone information; Add composition

Types And Rules Of Syntactic Linearity In Simultaneous Interpreting

Wan Hongyu&Yang Chengshu
(Shanghai International Studies University, shanghai, 200083, china; GITIS, fu Jen University, taiwan, china)

Abstract: This Paper Aims To Explore The Types And Rules Of Syntactic Linearity In Simultaneous Interpreting. According To Goldman-Eisler (1972) , among The Three Ways Of Segmenting Input, identity, or Encoding The Chunks Of Speech As Uttered In The Source, accounts For 11% Of The Total. Adopting Theme-Rheme Theory And Information Theory, the Paper Analyses Corpus In Chinese, english And Japanese And Finds Out That The Given Information In The Position Of Theme And The New Information As Adjunct Are Best For Linearity. And The Phrase Markers Can Be Used To Test The Attributes And Rules Of Linearity In Other Language Pairs.

Key Words: Simultaneous Interpreting; Syntactic Linearity; Theme-Rheme Theory; Information Theory; Given Information; Adjunct

One. Foreword

Suitable interpret is simultaneous interpretation (include to inspect interpret) in because translate conditional place to be restricted (dragoman is translated must the speech with the spokesman is almost synchronous undertake) and those who use is suitable a drive (the method of Syntactic Linearity) (Zhang Wei is, 1999I Yang Chengshu, 2002) . In view of English-Chinese two kinds of languages are mixed in word order the vast difference on word order, to achieve. Synchronous " requirement, dragoman must hear textual order according to place, use make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings, segment, wait, forecast, adjust, shift, supplementary, cutout is decreased wait for skill, the information that translates whole of language giving a cause (Liu Yan stands. 1996I Li Changshuan, 1996. Zhang Wei is, 1999, wait for) . Suitable interpret is storing in time information and timely the save labour when adjusting word order to go up to be saved most, also be the remarkable strategy that conducts interpret between the language combination with word order big difference.
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