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Oral interpretation study asks with answer
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Ask: Oral interpretation should the student ability that can you be English major only learns? Can student of blame English major learn oral interpretation?

Answer: Oral interpretation is a mutiple level concept, include the simultaneous interpretation with very great difficulty already, also include difficulty to accompany oral interpretation and oral interpretation of a bit a bit more difficult business affairs negotiation and conference inferiorly to pass interpret to wait alternately. Accordingly, you can choose a suitable study target according to your language foundation. And besides language foundation, other element also has main effect to learning oral interpretation, for instance quality of intellectual face, psychology is waited a moment. OK and a bit more exaggerative say: Everybody can learn oral interpretation!

Still have, be not the classmate of English major: Do you know to servantchoose a person for a job now unit especially what kind of talented person does the foreign enterprise like most? That is compound model talent. Professional knowledge increases technical ability of interpret of able to read aloud fluently, you are the most popular on market of current person with ability! On the field of to apply for a job in the future you are met certainly invincible!

Ask: My audition spoken language is bad, bad also, can you learn oral interpretation?

Answer: The language foundation that important is him basis chooses likely study target. The foundation can learn the conference to hand in very much pass, transfer to simultaneous interpretation gradually even; The base is average go to school accompanies oral interpretation, because accompany,the inadequacy that undertakes communication will make up for the gift of tongues with intercourse both sides perhaps can be passed with body language in oral interpretation. Do not want look down upon to accompany oral interpretation, outside going up turn over prexy bavin professor high to say, accompanying oral interpretation also is our country at present most one of imperative oral interpretation talents. Of course, learn oral interpretation or should have certain language base. Can asking for referenced lowest is: Can understand the English on English teacher classroom, the English that oneself say can let a teacher (had better be outside religion) clear.

Ask: My vocabulary is very small, can you learn oral interpretation?

Answer: Certain vocabulary still needs before learning oral interpretation, but do not need 8000 or of 12000 what. In fact, oral interpretation still is the intercourse of sex of a kind of spoken language from beginning to end, so important is not to know how many word, can use how many word alive however. A data can consult: Ministry of human affairs of low-down of percent of pass 3 class, exam outline stipulates its vocabulary asks is 5000. We think, the vocabulary that learns the person of oral interpretation to basically have 3000 work is OK. Compare afraid terminology as to everybody, it is accumulate slowly during study, 2 it is to will prepare to be accumulated temporarily, particularly professional vocabulary is to do not have necessary remember forever, need not occupy the memorial space of cerebrum instead at ordinary times.
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