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Simultaneous interpretation suffers certificate of attention oral interpretation
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Work one hour, income has on 1000 yuan. New " gold is gotten " profession - - simultaneous interpretation more and more be paid close attention to by the society, colloquial certificate became the passport with duty new field at a draught. Advanced oral interpretation takes an exam in the Shanghai English that held in Nanjing recently, attracted 3000 much people to attend actually.

Exam of advanced oral interpretation is at present home is engaged in or preparation is engaged in dimensions of oral interpretation job in Shanghai English the greatest professional authority takes an exam, its are approbated spend and consequence already was head and shoulders above Shanghai, be in Hua Dong area especially, it is the certificate of a kind of qualification in be engaged in not only, also be apply for to apply for a job " golden certificate " and " pass " . Sampling investigation makes clear, of Shanghai 3 endowment company move hires high-level staff, in already having 60% , advanced oral interpretation labels a foreign language kind one of necessary certificate. Wait as exam of certificate of interpreter of countrywide foreign language join, oral interpretation certificate resembles TOEFL, GRE same, become a proof of level of English of duty field personage.

Foreign language Chinese wants outstanding

Generally speaking, simultaneous interpretation member quality requirement is above all, ounce is planted in language bedrock wants solid, enunciation is clear, conversation should have fixed rate, sound is euphonic, reaction is sharp. Next, want to have very good psychology quality, when including to enter the court not nervous, encounter abrupt case to be able to be adjusted in time, the understanding that can accept the challenge, mistake to oneself to have clarity, be good at taking the interests of the whole into account. The 3rd, have ability of a few speeches even, there is preoccupied capacity in all sorts of involute circumstances. The person that is engaged in simultaneous interpretation is mixed besides outer article Chinese respect is very outstanding outside, have rich cultural background even, had better be a the Eclectics, whats understand a bit.

Be engaged in simultaneous interpretation occupational be graduate of major of undergraduate course foreign language more at present, the examinee that the school waits for to admit outside north also is the student of English major more. But, each courtyard school still encourages the student that is not foreign language major to enter oneself for an examination, the expert thinks, want to make a fine simultaneous interpretation, must not accept normal college regular professional training to train, the key depends on carrying out, time is done long experience is accumulated also abounded.

Market dimensions will have 20 billion

Current, interpreter market still is in development phase in our country, but had formed a mature industry in abroad. As we have learned, at present the whole world year interpreter production value exceeded 13 billion dollar, asia-Pacific area occupies 30 % , chinese market is left and right sides of 12.7 billion yuan of RMBs about. American authoritative orgnaization translates the investigation of the market to show to the world, the dimensions that translates the market will reach 22.7 billion dollar 2005, china will achieve the sale of 20 billion yuan of RMBs, development space is vast. But with tremendous interpreter demand incongruous the inadequacy that is market of our country interpreter. Current, interpreter market dimensions of China is in many yuan 100, and the present digestive ability that translates a company is in 10 reach 1.5 billion yuan. Because cannot digest the iformation flow that comes from international, brought about China to lose much commercial chance.
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