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Pay, have results, be " pass together " the truth of trade set up a pole and see
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In a lot of person eyes, simultaneous interpretation member can resemble the flitter like flier, enter high-grade public house, attend all sorts of international meetings, it is a work that what kind making a person admires. However, below the appearance of scene, also existing likewise a lot of unbeknown hardships.
"A simultaneous interpretation is a group of partners finish 3 two people normally, every job is about 20 minutes substitution, because simultaneous interpretation is huge of pressure of a spirit works,this is, in translating a process spirit needs to be centered highly, and be inside cutty time organize a language, expression of enunciation clarity, glibly comes out. Somebody ever had done a test, do pass together exceed 20 minutes of people continuously a little wrong, if working hours is too long,the person is about mad dropped. Touch occasionally on him body condition is not very good when, one is passed together do, him feeling resembles just running 800 meters of tests are same, have the feeling of kind of dehydrate, physical strength comparatives overdraw. Physical strength comparatives overdraw..

"Simultaneous interpretation is very tall to the requirement of all sorts of integrated ability of the person. In this kind specific working status falls, should be faced with other profession place more not as good as enormous pressure. The member that serve as a simultaneous interpretation, accuracy is the first. On many conferences, the person that sponsor still can look for person school to listen additionally, the thorn that carries you only (interpreter accident) -- if your error is too much, the congener conference henceforth, you were evaporated... "

In the process of the conference, want to focus the attention of hundred, cannot appear absolutely any mistake, this is big fear of the job, once appear careless mistake, affected the process of the conference and quality, can affect the individual reputation of translator and professional future directly.

Make the interpreter's scene for the first time, huo Sailiang returns remain fresh in one's memory, that she is very nervous, the conference has an in part, her nose begins blood stream more than, but this moment exeunts without method at all, at hand does not have paper towel again, can install ground of as if nothing happened to hold the post of blood stream to drip only, continue toughen one's scalp-brace oneself completes the interpreter work of that conference.

"Join the staff of the conference sometimes, the problem frame sb that meets a spokesman arrives on dragoman body. Have an international meeting, because lack a person, I should open daylong front alone. Arrived afternoon, although have bit of exhaustion, but oneself feel the question is not big, but... that domestic expert that makes main speech is preparative inadequacy probably, talk often drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, not quite systimatic -- , I turn over that build big ah! After the meeting, the foreigners that attend the meeting run to me designedly here will ask: ' MISS ' , you break up a bit in disorder today, it is tired a day, position is not quite good... "
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