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The preexistence of buccal dragoman and this life - learn oral interpretation co
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" tower of exceeding lofty or great (cling to Bieerda) " (Babel) is the motion picture that got international praise highly fully 2006, and its name, it is the fokelore of a widely known in stemming from Bible: The person on the world, original language is interlinked, because plan what build can enter a day high cling to Bieerda, enraged sacred, be punished, from now on each ethical become divided are dispersive, the language is illogical, mix again hard be in harmony.

Everybody knows this fabulous next clue: Buccal translator (Interpreter) appeared! This profession bear is worn communication culture, promote culture, the mission of unitive common people, this profession always is overspreading the aureola that your person reveres. But be on the history, original buccal translator does not have a predestined relationship with this kind of scene however.

The preexistence of buccal translator: Arrive from slave premier

Written translation of oral interpretation unlike has text account, who is the earliest translator so, had ascertained very hard. In the sculpture that the Gu Ai 3000 reachs BC, can find express " buccal translator " pictographic. This is at present the character of foregone the earliest mouth translator was recorded. In the grave carve that straps prince of fragrance the court of a feudal ruler in be stranded of the 3rd dynasty, have the figure that a buccal translator is working more, be by appearance " oral interpretation manager " , show the oral interpretation at that time, had been one has order, the action that has government.

And oral interpretation is used widely, criterion only then Yu Guluo horse and Gu Xila period. Proud ancient Rome and ancient Greek go on an expedition person captured broad territory, but the language that they disdain to learn apanage. In the meantime, they also want to borrow insist to use " lineal " the authority that the language will come show his. Then the convict in slave and bagnio is forced to learn a variety of languages, serve for the noble. Their position is none exalted- - the group that convict and slave are not trusted namely originally, and at that time, they mastered additionally one kind of language, the figure that lets them does the witch doctor of ghost and magician reciprocity with outfit god almost. (this is not fathomless, breath out classmate of Li Bo spy famously, because mastered,also be " climb brag " , anguine language, and be regarded as by everybody evil reincarnate. ) the king of an ancient Rome, after the meeting that opening apanage, kill translator entirely.

Time continues elapse. The caique of Columbus discovered America mainland; European immigrant begins to be landed in Africa; Missionary began their journey in world each district. This moment, buccal translator became indispensable anybody. These " anybody " , got the respect of colonist because of its distinct effect, but be in the eye of this clansman, because they helped the aggression of colonist, they are regarded as ethical traitor. This industry returns oral interpretation is to fail bright rise.
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