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The oral interpretation outside north translates skill
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Ying Yihan
The choice of Chapter One acceptation, extend the meaning and commend
One. The choice of acceptation
(one) according to syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech
He Likes Physics.
They Are Shining Like Gold.
Like Knows Like.
(2) contact according to context
He Is The Last Man To Do It.
He Should Be The Last To Blame.
He Is The Last Man To Come.
He Is The Last Person For Such A Job.
2. The extend the meaning of acceptation
(one) the extend the meaning that becomes the meaning of a word abstraction
1. Become the word interpret that represents specific figure the property that this figure represents
Every Life Has Its Roses And Thorns. The life of everybody has sweet have pain.
There Is A Mixture Of The Tiger And The Ape In The Character Of Them.
Their disposition already atrocious, tricky.
2. Become the word interpret that contains diagnostic sex figure the word that this figure place representsSee-sawing Between Partly Good And Faintly Bad
Stand or fall these two kinds of cases appear alternately ceaselessly
Their Troops Goosestepped Into Power.
Ground of their military show one's strength captured political power.
(2) become the meaning of a word incorporate extend the meaning
The Car In Front Of Me Stopped And I Missed The Green.
The car before me stopped, I missed green light.
3. Of acceptation commend
(one) some words itself is had in English commend meaning
He Was A Man Of High Renown.
He is a person that has good reputation.
His Notoriety Didn ' T Come Until His Death.
His notoriety is get about of the ability after he is dead.
(2) the word of indifferent meaning goes out in the interpret in context commend
The Politician Talked About His Hopes And Ambitions.
We ask he talked about his hope and aspiration
He Had Lied To Me And Made Me The Tool Of His Wicked Deeds.
He cheated me, make I became him to have the tool of Babylon business.
Information Technology Will Be At The Heart Of Global Economic Competition In The 21st Century.
IT will become the center that economy of 21 centuries whole world competes.
The Largest American Cities Are A Diverse Group, but They Share Certain Problems.
Big city of the United States is mixed, have a lot of common problems however.
The Expansion Of Educational Opportunities Promoted The American Ideal Of Equal Opportunity For All.
Because education gains ground ceaselessly, the United States of equality of the everybody before urging good luck side comes true ideally.
Race Relations In The US Continue To Be A Thorny Problem.
Phyletic relation of the United States is an a Gordian knot all the time.
The Diverse Population Presents Great Challenges To The Society, racism And Discrimination Remain Problems.
Multiracial population structure also brings particular issue to the society, the colour bar and bias still exist.
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