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Predicament of oral interpretation actual combat and answer measure
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Oral interpretation is considered as the problem of a long-standing by interpreter bound all the time, chinese oral interpretation because the reason such as idiom, synonym, appear difficult and heavy especially. On December 26, full-time of Er of Lai of cloth of premier of our country famous interpreter, England translates university of Hubei of be a guest of Dr. Lin Chaolun, reach its to answered measure and students to undertake communicating with respect to the appears easily predicament in oral interpretation actual combat.

One of predicament: Turn round wrong

When language character contains very intense culture colour, if dragoman is translated according to literal meaning directly, deviated from likely the original intention of talking person; When free translation although can capture the meaning of talking person, but if conversation person is mentioned again next on sentence medium when containing term of intense culture colorific individually, wait like adage, idiom, as dragoman the likelihood is impracticable. If a minister says: This thing is shallot mixes bean curd, perfectly clean. Dragoman interpreter is: Thismatterisacrystalclear. Who knows this minister to say next: Does your country have bean curd? Dragoman immediately foolish eye, if direct interpreter comes out, certain sense letting a person is indescribable, only down interpret.

Answer program: Want to capture the original intention of addresser above all, here fundamental upcast leaves textual, the word that uses oneself speaks original figurative intention.

Of predicament: Language meaning is outspread

In Chinese, state a meaning that can indicate requirement, request. But in English, euphemistic, reservation conveys the way that the meaning of requirement and request wants to pass a query, can give person mood the impression with curt, chilly attitude otherwise. For example the Chinese has a habit, begin in the conference and opposite party can invite when the end, "Welcome to Wuhan comes " . But in English, this word can say when meet only. As dragoman, be about clever escape metaphrase, considering literal meaning interpreter right otherwise still also is wrong.

Answer program: Want to capture the meaning of talking person above all, note the agile shift of a type, with indirect way expression comes out. Should span next the culture of different people, convey the meaning of talking person with euphemistic snout.

Of predicament: What humour and Chinese differ is, flower beauty personage often also jokes in formal circumstance. Especially opening remarks often begins with humour. Dragoman if metaphrase comes out, often lose the original idea of talking person easily, let audience feel indescribable.

Answer program: Want to learn humour, with exaggerated language and expression, the understanding that combines oneself will convey.

Of predicament: "Get stuck "

Often appear below 4 kinds of circumstances " get stuck " circumstance: It is the word that did not hear talking person; 2 it is to was not understood; 3 be to understand, but did not write down; 4 was to understand but without train of thought, do not know how to be translated.
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